I’m Starwing – author, member of The Fair Attempts and AI artist

Originally from Canada, I moved to Finland in 2008. I’ve been using the pen name Starwing for over ten years after taking on the artist-name while making music with my husband. He makes music as The Fair Attempts and goes by the artist-name, Friendly Timo. I manage the independent record label that publishes and promotes our work.  As a member of The Fair Attempts, I’m a co-producer and creative collaborator. The themes and lyrics of our songs tie-in with my writing in the “Machine Dreaming” series. I provide occasional voice samples and I sing with my husband now and then, including in our very special lovesong called “Blue Rose Park”. (You can listen to it below.) Dreams we shared inspired that song. The dreams I had also inspired part of my novel, “Dreaming Your Dream”, and I gave a nod to the song as a tattoo the character on the cover has.

Writing has been a lifelong passion of mine—ever since I learned how to write in my first year of school. I enjoy writing everything from ad copy and press releases to music reviews and non-fiction, but fiction is my absolute favourite. My novel, “Dreaming Your Dream” is best described as a dystopian science fiction psychological drama with a touch of fantasy (in the form of dreams), and a bit of romance for good measure.  It includes 50 beautiful illustrations by Melinda Maria Lack, in a Film noir inspired art style.

I began creating AI art in 2022, and it’s incredibly rewarding for me. Being able to use my words to create images is a dream-come-true! I look forward to a future when I can have an AI tool or brain implant that will enable me to write with my thoughts, and create images and videos with my imagination to incorporate in my writing.

I created all the artwork for my site with AI and written prompts that relate to my writing ideas and represent my visual style and preferences. When I started this site (in 2020) I focused on blogging and this website used featured images on the main page. Over time, it didn’t represent my visual preferences at all. Thanks to AI, I was able to create a cohesive design for my website. I also create album cover art with AI for our band and other artists and bands. You can see more of my art on my AI art website.

~ Starwing