Privacy Policy

This website uses cookies to analyse traffic and to optimize your experience.  Details of the type of data I collect and how it’s used are included below.

Website Traffic and Analysis

When you visit this website, your IP address is detected by Wordfence, the security plug-in used on this site, and by Google Analytics.  The privacy policies and data protection these services offer are outside of my control, so I recommend you visit those websites and read their privacy policies as well.

Traffic analysis data is used to learn where visitors are located, how they find this website, and how they access and navigate through the content.  I aim to provide the best visitor experience I can, and this data can give insight about website performance.

Contact Messages

You can send a private email message using the form on the Contact page.  Your name, email address and message are used to respond to your message, when appropriate. The contact message form is protected by Google reCAPTCHA v3 to mitigate data breaches caused by malicious bots. When you go to the Contact page, Google analyses some data about your behaviour to determine if you are a human visitor. Data analysed by Google reCAPTCHA includes: referrer URL, IP address, operating system information, cookies, mouse and keyboard behaviour, date and language settings, JavaScript objects, and screen resolution.


Data Removal Requests

At any time, if you want me to delete all your personal data that was collected by my website, please contact me and submit your request. I will delete all data associated with you and your use of this website. You will need to contact Google to remove any of your personal data Google has stored.