The Author

I write science fiction and explore the interplay between technology and metaphysics. Advances in VR technology could create believable alternate realities, challenging the concept of reality. Can virtual experiences have metaphysical implications? Our reality could be a sophisticated computer simulation created by a highly advanced civilization. Technology is reshaping our perception of reality and our beliefs about existence. Artificial Intelligence is developing at lightning speed now, and no one knows what it will lead to. The possibilities are as exhilarating as they are terrifying. I’m passionate about exploring these ideas in my writing.

I’m interested in the nature of consciousness and the potential for AI to become sentient. My first book series is called “Machine Dreaming” and it delves deep into the human condition and the complexities of human emotions compared to the experience of AI. In a stand-alone novel, I’m writing about quantum mechanics, the Many-Worlds theory, and quantum immortality.

~ Starwing