“Lotus Head” album by The Fair Attempts

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This is my first AI art album cover design. I created it in September, 2022, and the “Lotus Head” album was released on February 24, 2023.

I’m a member of The Fair Attempts, and I spent two whole days working on this cover art design. It took a lot of time to engineer the best prompt for the idea I had in mind. This image was far from presentable when it was first generated because I used a different AI art tool to create it than what I use now. I had to put the image through another algorithm multiple times to correct details of the woman’s face until she had the desired look. Afterward, the image required some colour correction and other improvements before it was finally ready to add the title text and band logo.

The Fair Attempts is an industrial rock / darkwave band, and the “Lotus Head” album is available on Bandcamp¬†and all major digital music retailers and streaming services.

Pre-view or listen to the album on Spotify.

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