I absolutely love AI art! Traditional and digital artists create their work with their hands, but I create my art with my mind and words. It’s an exciting and rewarding method of creative expression. Writing prompts—known as prompt engineering—isn’t as easy as you might think. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to write prompts to generate the type of images I envision in my mind. When a prompt is particularly difficult to engineer, it’s immensely rewarding to get it right finally—it’s like cracking a secret code.

I’m located in Finland and I’ve been creating AI-assisted artwork since 2022. I began with CLIP-Guided Diffusion and a VQGAN, and both were made available in 2021. As early text-to-image generators, they were not as coherent or impressive as tools released in 2022. As soon as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion became available to me, I switched to using them exclusively. Nowadays, I use only Midjourney.because it’s the best tool for AI art at this time. That might change in the future—I’m always interested in new tools and models that are developing and advancing constantly, and I enjoy trying all the new options that are available.

I’m passionate about AI art, and I spend many hours every day creating art, doing art research, and studying to improve my abilities and workflow. I take part in daily challenges in order to broaden my creative thinking, try new things, and continue pushing the boundaries of my abilities with AI art. I post some of my creations on my Instagram page, but I create far too many artworks to post them all online.

I’m an author, and my debut dystopian science fiction novel, “Dreaming Your Dream (Book One of Machine Dreaming)” is available on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats. You can learn more about my writing and books at my author website. Being a writer definitely helps me in my AI art because I’m able to describe my ideas in more detail and in creative ways that help the AI tool to generate the images I want to create.

I’m also involved in the music industry as a member of the industrial rock/darkwave band, The Fair Attempts, and the owner of a very small indie record label. My passion for music also helps me create album art that suitable for many different genres.


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