“Gamma Rays” single by The Fair Attempts

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This cover was created in two steps that were four months apart. When the song was recorded in September 2022, I created cover art for it using Stable Diffusion. The generated art required corrections with another AI tool and by hand. Then in February 2023, as the release date grew nearer, I realized I no longer liked the image enough to use it for the cover. So, I used the first cover image and the prompt I wrote to create it in order to generate new cover art using Midjourney version 4. Using the original image in the creation of the final cover art meant I was able to retain the colour palette and overall composition of the first image, but drastically improve the art style and aesthetic appeal.

The Fair Attempts is an industrial rock/darkwave band, and the “Gamma Rays” single is available on Bandcamp¬†and all major digital music retailers and streaming services. I’m a member of The Fair Attempts.

Pre-view or listen to the single on Spotify.

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