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Top Quality Service

Your project will be professionally mastered by an experienced audio engineer and be completed in a timely manner. Of course, inquire about availability in advance of your planned release date, but your project will be prioritized once scheduled.

Excellent Sound

Your music will be mastered to sound its best, not only on hi-fi speakers but wide variety of consumer-grade speakers as well. Your music will be tested in multiple listening environments and with a wide range of speakers.

Mastered by a Musician

Friendly Timo produces music as The Fair Attempts and he understands your situation and needs from the position of an independent artist as well. He has experience mastering a wide variety of genres beyond industrial and electronic music.


Let's face it: the nature of the entire music industry has dramatically changed over the past few decades, and so has the means of production. Great projects have not only moved from the well-built large studios to small home studios, but we also see a dramatic shift in the way producers work on the go with ever more portable and flexible ways our technology enables us to.

While many of the producers like to hold all the reigns in their hands, some still understand the value that a fresh pair of ears giving their production a final critical review can bring to their recordings. You may not even have an optimal listening environment to properly assess how well your mix works to begin with, whether that is seeking out and fixing potential problems of the mixdown or bringing forth what is really good in the mix and making it shine the way it deserves to.

My aim is to provide you this service with a reasonable price--from a musician to a musician. With today's environment for us musicians and producers alike, all we see is added costs when properly producing our recordings and trying to bring out the best possible product for our listeners. Also, the ever-increasing volume of music and the pressure to produce frequently only adds to it. This is a challenge that I am responding to--to provide real value with my service at a fair cost. Time is money and I ask only for a fair compensation for my time spent on your project.


In addition to regular single track mastering, I offer a more flexible service, "Stem mastering." Especially electronic music is being produced in varying locations, from on the road, through home studios to well-built studio environments. This Stem mastering service aims to give your mixes a critical review and a final polish in addition to mastering.

It opens deeper and more precise opportunities to fix potential issues in the mix and therefore bring the absolute best out of the master. On the fly. I personally highly recommend this method for anyone who isn't absolutely experienced with mixing and confident of their production.

Stem mastering, by its very nature, is more labour intensive and may require more time than traditional methods of mastering. Therefore, an hourly rate is applied.

For Stem mastering, instead of delivering me just the premastered mixdown, you simply export and deliver either individual groups (busses, groups, stems...) from your project, or individual tracks as they are in the mix.


  • Check the information about my fees below and evaluate which service you need for your project.

  • Use the contact form lower on this page to inquire about my availability. I require sufficient time to work on your project. I might be busy with other projects, but I aim to prioritize your project ahead of anything else once it's scheduled. Singles and small EPs I can do quickly, in matter of a couple of days. However, larger projects require time and a careful approach, so please keep this in mind when planning your release schedule. Let me know of your deadlines if you have any, and we will make them work for both of us.

  • Additionally, in the inquiry message you submit with the form below you must clearly express how and in what way you want the mastered tracks to be delivered to you: the email address where to send links for the final masters, the file format requirements (44.1 Khz / 48Khz / 88.2Khz / 96 Khz & 16 bit / 24 bit), and the intented use of the master. Specify clearly if you want your masters "optimized for Spotify" (-14 LUFS / -1.0TP). Otherwise, I will establish the target loudness according to the style of your music. For regular formats for pop, rock and EDM this can vary from -7 to -11 LUFS. If you do not express file format requirements, your masters will be delivered in 44.1 Khz / 24 bit uncompressed format.

  • Once we have agreed on the schedule, you will send the payment to me through PayPal and provide me with download links for all the required files you need to be worked on.



55 Euros per hour

* larger projects can be negotiated case-by-case


Single track 40 Euros  
Two tracks 75 Euros  
EP Packages (audio material combined less than 30 minutes)
EP - 3 tracks 100 Euros  
EP - 4 tracks 120 Euros  
EP - 5 tracks 140 Euros  
EP - 6 tracks 160 Euros  
LP Packages (audio material combined less than 60 minutes)
LP - 7 tracks 180 Euros  
LP - 8 tracks 200 Euros  
LP - 9 tracks 215 Euros  
LP - 10 tracks 230 Euros  
Above 10 tracks Contact me for a quote  

* lead vocal tracks can be delivered separately 
 * Pricing applies to tracks no longer than 10 minutes. Pricing for tracks exceeding 10 minutes can be negotiated separately 
 * Package pricing for LPs exceeding 60 minutes can be negotiated separately 


  • "I can recommend Friendly Timo with all my heart. He's one of those rare engineers that has both the artistic and technical skills to make a song really shine. In addition, he provides a super-fast turnaround time. Sometimes I wonder, does the guy ever sleep?"

    - Jessi Frey
  • "Timo mastered my album The City by the Sea. I was extremely satisfied with both the end result and the process. He was very professional, timely and easy to communicate with. He had an ear for the kind of music I make and the experience in mastering to back it up. I really feel working with him elevated my music. Highly recommended!"

    - Kizunaut
  • "Friendly Timo mastered my single "Keep Running," and I'm very happy with the job he did. He was also very easy to work with and professional, and reasonably priced. I strongly recommend his services!"

    - Star Madman
  • "Timo mastered our EP, Ghost Armada, Chapter I and it was a real pleasure to work with him (educational too). He didn't shy away from going extra miles in order to bring the best out of our songs. We love the result, sonic enhancement and improved album flow, and Ghost Armada, Chapter II is going to be mastered by him for sure!"

    - Null-O Band

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Inquire about availability and schedule your music mastering


When you inquire about availability, include the following information about your project: release date (if planned), email address to send links for the final masters to, file format requirements, and intended use of the master (mastered for physical/digital sales and/or for streaming).