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Starwing Digital produces digital entertainment and resources for non-commercial use, including free software, original music, videos, soundtracks, Android apps, and games. Projects in development include several genres of music, text based RPG for Android devices, short films and videos.

Our products, services and website are always free of advertisements, and we do not allow monetized videos to be posted on our site.

Most of the content on our site is displayed dynamically using php, but we do have some basic html pages to assist you during times when our website is under maintenance. At the bottom of every page, you will see the links for About, Terms and Help. The About page includes information about Starwing Digital, our products and resources, our website and website services. The Terms page explains the Terms & Conditions for using our products, resources, or services (including the website). The Help page contains the Frequently Asked Questions (dynamic), Sitemap (dynamic) and Contact form (persistent).

Our website is maintained frequently. During maintenance, the dynamic content on our website will be briefly unavailable. Most maintenance takes only a few minutes to complete. If you visit our site during maintenance, you will see an Offline Message displayed instead of the dynamic content. Please try again after a short time. If you require urgent assistance with a product, resource or service, please contact us by visiting the Help page and submitting a contact form message.

At any time, you can click on the Starwing Digital title image at the top of any page to see the main page of our site (also called the front page or home). The url for our main page is The main page is displayed dynamically.

If you need to return to this page, which is called the Entrance page, the url for this page is The Entrance page contains persistent content and is not interrupted by maintenance activities.

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